Repair and restoration service

Aventguard pest control service technicians are experienced carpenters and craftsmen who specialize in the repair of damage resulting from deficiencies in original construction, as well as pest related damage caused by rodents (mice, rats, squirrels), birds, bees, and other occasional home invaders.

We take great pride in restoring damaged property to a condition that matches the original structure as much as possible. When wildlife get into buildings, they can do damage to your home or business. And that is why Aventguard has trained pest professionals to take care of any of your wildlife removal needs.

Trapping and capturing animals without repairing the issues that allowed them to relocate into or around your building in the first place is a waste of time and your money. Without proper repair to your home and exclusion practices any new wildlife will get in almost as quickly as the old animals that were first removed. That's why most animal removal jobs also require animal damage repair and exclusion work after the animals are trapped and properly relocated.

In the animal control and pest control industry, we call repairs or modifications to keep uninvited wild animals out of your home or property, wildlife exclusion or animal-proofing.  Repairing the damage(s) wild animals have caused to your home or business make all the difference in preventing other animals such as pest birds, squirrels, rodents and other wildlife from re-entering your home or business.